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  • Gram flour or besan has been a part of the Indian diet for ages
  • Besan is high in protein and very versatile as an ingredient too
  • Not just your plate, besan enjoys a place of pride in beauty regimen too

Valentine's Week as well. If there is one ingredient that you should really put all your focus on for maintaining the happy skin you've got these days, it's good old

Besan or gram flour.

Gram flour or besan has been a part of the Indian diet for ages. Be it a besan ka chilla or kadhi, there are several dishes that are based on besan. Its high in protein and very versatile as an ingredient too. Not just your plate, besan can enjoy a place of pride in your beauty regimen too. Here are some things you should know about Besan as we approach Valentine's Day:

  1. Besan really helps as a mild skin exfoliator for acne and also for rough, dry and dull skin.
  2. It also helps smoothen the skin for those who have skin allergies – it is recommended especially to those who suffer from recurring skin allergies.
  3. Besan with rose water is a wonder potion for people with normal skin. Mix besan with lemon juice and multani mitti if you have oily or acne prone skin.
  4. Besan can be used as a simple home remedy for removing those hard-to-get-rid-off blackheads. Just mix besan with lime juice and gently scrub the area of your nose that is prone to blackheads.
  5. For mature skin, besan mixed with kacha doodh (raw milk) and walnut powder is a powerful face pack.
  6. Besan or gram flour is also great for cleaning up areas such elbows and knees. There could also be some dead skin collected in and around the hip area which can make them rough and dry. Use a mix of besan and lemon juice here every day before taking a bath. You could add a few teaspoons of kacha doodh too. Try this on a daily basis and you will see visible results.

Children, up to the age of 5 years, loose almost 400 milligrams of skin on a daily basis. However, with age we often ignore the importance of exfoliating our skin on a regular basis. Shedding of the superficial dead skin layers is crucial for a healthy looking skin; not doing so could lead to the skin looking dull and gloomy. This is where besan can work its charm. Follow these simple home remedies till the skin has a better glow. Gradually move to doing these once a week.


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